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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What I'm loving right now

When Spring rolls around each year I feel inspired. I want to throw open all the windows in the house, air it out and get the wonderful smells of blooming flowers and freshly mowed grass flowing through each nook and cranny. This was such a long and cooooold winter here in NC and it has made me extra thankful this year of our gorgeous Spring. With all that in mind, here are some pictures of things I am adoring right now (and some things I'd rather be doing if I had the time).

I love going to the Farmers' Market. I love purchasing gorgeous flowers and fresh produce from local farmers. I was grown up always eating the freshest and most delicious fruits and veggies. This time of year always makes me crave going back to the market just to browse and take in the sweet smells.  There is nothing like the smell of the farmers' market; sweet, earthy and warm all at the same time. To me it's heaven. I'm sure my Grandaddy would say the same.

I could easily cozy up and read a book here for a few hours.

 Strawberry pickin'. I love getting my hands in the earth and picking out the sweetest, juciest, sun drenched strawberries. I love picking them right off the plant and popping them in my mouth. Warm, sandy, rich and flavorful. Oh. My. It's perfection. Normally I'll drag John along with me (this really isn't his scene) but he doesn't seem to complain too much once the strawberry pie comes around that evening. So he comes along with me and helps pick them out. I think he enjoys basking in the sun while we pick. He'd never admit it though. :)

The smell of fresh herbs. As the sun comes out and warms up these botanicals you can smell them across the yard, even more when the breeze gets hold of them. I love sitting out on our deck, in the sun smelling the earth. There really is nothing like it.
These are a few of my favorite things about Spring. What about you?


  1. Anonymous4/28/2010

    That all sounds soooo good right now!

    Having fresh herbs in the backyard makes me super happy too!

  2. Anonymous4/28/2010

    That all sounds soooo good right now!

    Having fresh herbs in the backyard makes me super happy too!


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