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Hi, I'm Elizabeth and I invite you to grab a glass of sweet tea and join me as I (along with my husband, John) renovate our love nest. We're both born and raised in the south and love to share with you some of our favorite recipes, stories and our life. We hope you'll come back often!

Friday, May 29, 2009

The Wine of the South

Well, it should be no surprise that I am speakig of Sweet Tea. I have to give credit where credit is due and that is to my Momma. She can make the finest sweet tea there is. Oh, how I love her. Luckily enough, growing up with such a wonderful treat to sip on I learned too how to make such a delightful drink.

Here is the original recipe as follows:

2 Large Family size tea bags (we use lipton, find it gives the best flavor without any bitterness)

Fill any medium size pot, tea kettle ect with about a gallon of water (the great thing about tea is if its too weak, let it steep longer.. and if its too strong, add a little more water).

Place the tea bags INTO the pot/kettle of water.

Place on the stove for a few minutes, just to get a good simmer.


Boiling the tea destroys the integrity of the bags and they will burst .. and you get a pretty nasty flavor of burnt tea leaves. Eww.

Just before it boils, turn the heat off. Move the tea off the burner and let it sit. I like about 30 minutes to create a great flavor.

Pour tea (it will still be warm) into your pitcher with about a cup of sugar. Stir.

Enjoy the wine of the south ladies!

It truely is that easy. As long as I have been making tea I have heard over and over again how so many people are scared and intimidated by making tea.

During the summer months we like to add a little extra something to make our tea that much more yummy:

After we pour the tea off into the pitcher mom (or family member who happens to be standing there with nothing to do) will go up into the yard and get several sprigs of fresh mint leaves.

Just rinse them off and throw them into the pitcher along with a lemon wedge or two.

I can hear the ice clinking in my glass now.

Ahhh. How refreshing.

Everyone MUST go and make a pitcher NOW. It's for your health people. Tea is filled with great anitoxidants and herbs! Yummmm!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Little Did I Know

Let me begin my saying, I NEVER thought I would be a blogger. E V E R. Little did I know, I would be sucked in. It all started when my friend Amy moved to H awaii a little over a year ago. To keep up with friends and family here in NC she began her blog. Well, I became ADDICTED. A blog stalker if you will. It has become an unhealthy relationship with my obsession to see what my fellow blog friends are up to.
Well, here I am. Starting my own blog. I was born and raised in North Carolina and I want to share everything I have to know about family traditions, fun projects, and my favorite activites around the house. So here are a few things I absolutely LOVE:
1. Martha Stewart (not quite as much of a fan since the jailhouse, but I do love her ideas and handiness in the garden, kitchen and around the house)

2. This Old House (My dad is a carpenter and "Made" us watch it with him. I have come to love the smell of sawdust and sweat.. oh my. Makes me weak-in-the-knees. As an adult I have a competely different view on the show and just how handy it really is.) Oh boys...

3. Paula Deen ( I swear we were seperated at birth! Love this lady.. and her recipes are good too.) Can we say, Yummmm!

Just so you all are fully aware, John, my fiance (to me married on October 3!) thinks I have Lost. My. Mind. Among all the other things he teases me about, this is one more to add to the list.

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