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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New Living Room

Ok, So I know I've probably left y'all hanging on long enough. But I have to say, it was worth the wait. I am absolutely in. love. with this room. It's my favorite room in our house so far. Whenever I walk in, it calms my soul. Do you have a room like that in your house? If you do, you know exactly what I mean. For a re-cap on our living room and what it looked like before, check out this post.
Without further adieu, here she is. Finally complete.

I'm warning you, there are a lot of pictures :)

It's summer-y, it's COMFY and it's exactly what I wanted.

Our foyer (if you can call it that) where we corral shoes. That little basket is a lifesaver. The flowers are from my birthday. John knows I'm a sucker for fresh flowers. Don't look at the stuff on the stairs. I *ahem* haven't gotten around to putting it away yet. No judging please.

I love the bookcase. It provides a space for all my cookbooks, wedding pictures and family photos. We were in serious need of some storage in here. Best of all, it was built for me by my Grandfather when I was a little girl. He built it for me for all my little girl books and trinkets. I love that there's history in our pieces of furniture.

Love the look of linen in the summer. So cool and refreshing.

Don't worry, I'll give the run-down on all the projects through this process next. For now, just look at how pretty it is!


  1. I can just picture curling up on your couch with a cup of coffee and a knitting project. Oh, and with a fire crackling away even if it is Summer. Your colors are soothing and the room is so peaceful. It's beautiful!

  2. Elizabeth this is a gorgeous living room! Love your beautiful home and precious blog as well.

    Come say Hi! ~Melissa :)

  3. I just realized you were in Raleigh. I'm over in J'ville waving at you! *Smiles*

  4. Great job- Love the budget. You know as well as I do you don't need a big budget to make a big change. Just look what you accomplished!

  5. Good for you. It's a soft, pretty and comfortable room!

  6. Looks great! You did an awesome job!

  7. Beautiful room! I like the idea of the shoe basket, and I am in LOVE with the "e" print you have hanging there. Is that stitched, painted, printed? I simply must get my hands on one or recreate one somehow! Wherever did you find or however did you make that? Please share with me! :) Thanks!

  8. OOOH! I found your explanation of how you made your wonderful "e" print from your July 24th post! Oh happy day! I am super excited to make one of these for myself! Thank you so much!! :)


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