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Thursday, April 22, 2010

How We Met Our House

Today I'm linking up to AnNicole over at Our Suburban Cottage for her How I  Met My House party. So go on, check out all our favorite readers and their stories about how they came to fall in love with their homes.

As for us, our home was a very large dream. It was December 2007 and John had just graduated college (I graduated a year before and was living with my parents). We needed a place to live. We had very little money and wanted a place of our own. Luck would have it that we could afford an apartment really close to both our jobs and my parents. We loved our apartment. 1150sq. ft. 2 bed, 2 bath, lakeside views. It was perfect for us.. at least, for the moment.  After living there for 6 weeks, we quickly realized it was nothing more than a glorified dorm. Loud neighbors upstairs, loud music, no yard to play (or garden in) and still living by someone else's rules. We knew we wanted a place to call ours. So we stuck to our guns, and saved our money. Two years later, we began the hunt. John had just proposed and we decided to buy a house the summer before our wedding (for anyone out there who just got engaged, DO NOT DO THIS! Wait until after the wedding. You'll thank yourself later!)

Knowing we wanted a home, we did the logical thing and started looking on our own. When we got more serious and started looking at particular nieghborhoods we contacted a realtor-friend. She did not help us one tiny bit. She took us to neighborhoods we weren't comfortable in (but took us just because the price was right) and just about got us shot on more than one occasion. We had to fire her. No hard feelings. Then Claudette entered our life. She was able to pin-point exactly what we wanted, didn't want and showed us houses that were perfect for us. After only viewing 3 houses, by that evening an offer was made. We closed on our house on July 16th 2009. The happiest day of my life (thus far.. until marrying the man of my dreams!).

And thus, Southern Comfort was born. It was through this time of home buying that made us realize how special it was to own our home. We are so fortunate to open the back door to let Maggie in and out instead of having to drag, her at 3am, on a leash, down a flight of stairs in the cold, trying to avoid goose poop just because she heard a noise. It truely is the little things of owning a home that make it so wonderful.


  1. Your house looks charming! It's very exciting to own your first home; ours was a teeny condo, and we've owned 6 places since then ... and finally settled 2 years ago in an old farmhouse, where I plan to stay till I can't walk to old stone steps to the driveway anymore!
    And yes, just letting the dog OUT is a blessing!

  2. Your home has so much character. Lovely!

  3. Your house is so charming! Love that porch!


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