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Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Bathroom Files: Complete!

 We started with a old, out-dated bathroom and ended up with a beautiful room I am so proud to show off. Now don't think this project was all cake and ice cream.. it took a toll on both of us.. and our house. But more on that later. Let's see the results!

Bathroom Before:


We replaced the vanity, toilet, light fixture, hardware, faucet, repainted, walled off the second doorway and installed a new floor.

I found this adorable medicine cabinet at Goodwill for $14.00

The mirror was my grandmothers. It was guilded gold when I recieved it, but with a little spraypaint magic, it came together.

Closer view of the details.

Remember how we talked about removing the extra door a couple posts ago? Accomplished! We now have a place for a towel bar where the door was. We painted 9" vertical stripes around the room using Martha Stewart paint from Home Depot in Talc and Bone colors (love her paint, goes one smooth, great finish, dries fast and NO VOC's). I just love the subtleness.

It is my new favorite room in the house. I'll do a post next on the cost and project breakdown. For now, just enjoy the prettiness. I am!


  1. Awesome job! Want to come do mine? :) Say hi to the ladies for me.

  2. Looks great! Love the Goodwill find! We are hoping to gut and redo our's before the baby...we'll see if we can make that happen. Mark is thinking maybe in November.

  3. Love it! It looks fantastic and I can't wait to see it in person... soon, I hope. It seems like forever since we've seen you! So... when do you want another weekend in the high country to help out our bedroom with your decor and budget magic?! ;)

  4. Wow, beautiful job. Love the striped wall paint and the mirror and the great deal on the medicine cabinet!

  5. Looks great! I love the medicine cabinet! That was a steal!

  6. Beautiful! I love the mirror, very pretty!

  7. Loving your redo! It looks wonderful and what a steal you got on that cabinet! Our GW next to never has anything good.

  8. I love to see bathroom transformations, Elizabeth. They always seem to have more of an impact than other rooms. Great job here; I can't believe you found that wall cabinet at Goodwill! I can relate to the idea of a door - we had our upstairs main bath that was a Jack & Jill bathroom but that one door that led into a bedroom was nothing but a pain. We wound up removing it and gained so much more wall space!

  9. Hi, I found your blog thru Thrifty Decor Chick. I love what you did to your bathroom! Looks awesome! Your bathroom looks very similar to my kids bath. I also have the same cabinet you put above the toilet. I wish mine only cost $14 from Goodwill! I paid a lot more for it at Target!! It's in our master bath above the toilet. Here's a link to my bathroom if you want to check it out. http://thriftydecormom.blogspot.com/2010/10/it-just-needed-something.html

    I love your blog and I'm a new follower!! : )



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