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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

a gift for baby

Let me start this post off by saying, no, we are not having a baby. At least not yet anyways. We're still practicing with our fuzzies. Sometimes they make us question if we could ever really handle the human kind. But just because we aren't the ones expecting, doesn't mean we don't have have friends who are.

Just in the past week I've had 6 wonderful friends tell me they are expecting. Some for the first time, others it's their second or third time with a bun in the oven. None-the-less, tiny little baby bundles will be arriving.. and no sooner than one of my best friends Gina who is due early next month.

Do you ever get a invitation in the mail for a baby shower or announcement and get those prickly, warm fuzzies all over your body from the mention of a baby? No? Must just be me then. But we all have them come our way, baby showers that is. But after viewing those adorable invitations and announcements come the dread of "oh my.. what can I get them!?!" 

It's a question and quite truthfully, a big enough event that Baby and Wedding Registries were created.  And yes, they help a ton. When we got married it was nice being able to choose things for guests to give us if they had no clue. But the most precious gifts we recieved were ones not on our registry. Items that have sentimental value and thought behind them. Those are my favorite gifts to give and to recieve.

But how do you know?... how do you pick?... how do you make sure the gifts you're about to give are going to be welcomed?

That's where this little post comes in. Consider it your helper of gift picking. Like a fairy God-Mother of sorts. So let's get started.

Baby Clothes.
Babies grow soooo fast. Clothes meant for newborns can really only be worn for about 2 maybe 3 weeks. Which doesn't give Mom (or baby) a lot of time to really enjoy an outfit. :( When I do give clothes as gifts, I like to give them several outfits for different ages. I'll find a cute newborn outfit (because really.. who can resist those tiny clothes?) and then one for 9 months and then for 18 months. A gift that keeps on giving. Mom now has a few outfits for now and for later. Who doesn't love being planned ahead and having someone else do all the work for you?!?

Photo courtesy of Etsy

how cute is this picture?

Mom's love things with their kids names on them. Always have. Always will. It keeps their kids stuff from getting lost, and used by others. It's handy and it looks cute. I like to choose items that I can either have monogrammed or their name added. But more than that, pick an item (like a beach towel, bath towel, overnight bag etc) that the baby can grow with. Not just for right now, but for later too. That helps mom with less clutter being able to re-use something, but it also gives the child something to look back on and say "Mom, can you get my beach towel to take to the pool?" when they're 6. Something like this:

Another idea?
My mom started doing this when we were small and our playmates would welcome another sibling. Instead of giving something completely personalized if you don't know the Mom or family very well, give children's books. Everyone has their favorite kids books and can pick them out in a store like pie. Easy-peasy-sure-to-pleasy. It doesn't get much easier than that. Books are also great for shipping too. In the case you have an out-of-town family member expecting. You don't have to worry about them getting banged up in transit. Put a little note inside the front cover with your name (or you're childs) and call it done.

How about this:
Right now baby girl headbands are all the rage. I see them in photo shoots, magazines, and all over blogland. But more than them being trendy, they're CUTE! Babies rarely have lots of hair for those big bows we all love. Enter headbands. Not only do they help disguise any lumpy-heads (for the first couple weeks) they're perfect for dressing up your little one for pictures.

photo source: Little Lily Belle Shop on Etsy

How can you not love that?

In the case that you do like to give something from the registry, why not add a little something unexpected along with it? A toy train. A boat for the tub. A sippee cup with their name on it. Anything to get your gift to stand out and be remembered.

What sort of gifts do you give? Any other suggestions?


  1. Anonymous8/06/2010

    So cute! Great gift ideas!

    Eddie & Jaithan

  2. Those are all perfect gift ideas! If I know early enough, I'll knit a baby afghan or a little hat or something. There is an online catalog called Signals that has wonderful stuff and one of my favorites that we've given is a Star Baby Bunting. http://www.signals.com/cgi-bin/hazel.cgi?action=detail&item=HF2682&websource=rssfeed&souce_code=S02RS1 It is completely adorable!

  3. Jane, homemade gifts are the best! I need to learn more crochet stitches so I can make more things. The Star Baby is adorable! Thanks for sharing the link :)

  4. I love the ideas! I know I would love to receive books (should we ever have a need for a baby shower... ;-) )


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