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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Teresa's New Guest Bath: Design Accomplished

Teresa is a wonderful friend who I have the pleasure of working with. After getting to know her and finding out she and her husband Seth are in dire need of a bathroom makeover, she gave me the pleasure of creating an updated bathroom for her home. This particular bathroom is shared by her two children; a boy and a girl. But on top of that, it is also the guest bathroom when they come to stay. I'll describe the room breakdown later, but let's see what wer're working with first.

Teresa tells me she wants a space that is kid friendly and guest worthy. We need a space her kids can grow with and still maintain a level of adult sophistication. Everything can go, but because their lives are so hectic, there isn't much room either in the budget or the schedule for a full remodel. Teresa especially hates all the gold fixtures which really date the space.  So here is my plan for Teresa and Seth's new bath.
Here's the room breakdown for you:

1. New paint! Get rid of the wallpaper ASAP. :) The color I chose was Smokey by Benjamin Moore. It has blues and a hint of green to make this room feel relaxed and playful at the same time.

2. New Floors. I chose 13x13 inch tiles from Lowes. I chose larger tiles a) they're faster to install, they will make the space feel larger and it's the perfect flooring for roudy kiddos after bathtime. Easy clean-up and they hold up over time. And, at only .69 cents a tile, they fit the budget too. The color of the tile is Grecciano Beige from Lowes. The pefect color of sand to accent our blue walls (and hides dirt too!)

3. Lets talk fixtures. I chose chrome for this space. Yes, I know that brushed nickel is all the rage right now and yes, it is beautiful. But keeping in mind that kids will be using this space, brushed nickel shows every water splatter, soap scum and every little bit of spittle from toothbrushing (yes, it happens), and just isn't very practical for a already over-worked mom. We need to keep it easy people! So, Chrome it is! Easy clean-up, low maintenance, and will help tie together the spa/beach-y feel we have going on.

4. For the bathtub I chose a shower curtain. Teresa hates all the gold, and by the time this room gets a makeover, all of it's roman inspired decor will be history. We'll take out the glass surround (which holds all kinds of mold and germies over time) and replace it with a simple shower curtain. The one I chose is from Overstock.com. The stripes will help bring the eye up, making the room appear taller and lighter. The blues, creamy whites, and little bit of yellow will help bring the look of the bath together. While we're in the tub, it will get a simple make-over too. New chrome fixtures will be a new feature for bathtime too.

5. While we are talking about the bath tub, let's talk about mats. I like using white bathmats. You can see when they need washing and they give you a sense of cleanliness. White is classic and will always look good. Since this space will also be used for guests, we wanted to keep the look chic and updated. So a large knapp with big loops will do the trick. Just like this one I found at TJMaxx. At only $14.99 it will hold up for years of little wet feet.

6. Towels. The ones I chose are a pattern of fun coral and sea shapes. They are pricier from Pottery Barn, but  they have the same sand, creams and blues of the bathroom so they'll be perfect. I recommend on keeping them out for looks, but letting the kiddo's use a similar, solid colored towel for everyday use, like the blue ones I found at Bed Bath and Beyond. This will keep the fun ones from being destroyed and they'll be the accent to the bathroom and for guests.

7. Let's talk about the vanity. Since this isn't a remodel, simply a cosmetic update, we aren't replacing the vanity. We'll replace the gold fixtures like I mentioned before with the chrome ones you see above. We'll also replace the HUGE mirror with two simpler ones over each sink. The contrast of the dark brown will give the room a little more demention and texture. Since their light fixture is in the middle of the vanity, we'll keep it there and just replace it with  beaufitul matching sconces that will accent and give the vanity plenty of light. Replacing the knobs will instantly give this tired vanity and instant face-lift.

8. Artwork. I love the look of the canvas artwork shown above. With the playful coral on the white background it is very suitable for kids, but also relaxing and calm enough for adults to enjoy too. I'd place them over the toilet in either sets of two's or three's, depending on the size. Another altertative is to make homemade artwork. Going to Michaels (or any craft store) and buying the blank canvas, and matching paint colors (cool blues, creams, soothing yellow) and letting the kids do some finger painting for their space. If you're feeling ambitious you could put your children's monogram on top of their artwork (or in the corner). This is a fool proof method (just make sure you only give them pre-approved paint)  of cheap art that your kids can get into as well.

So what do you think? Anything I left out? What suggestions do you have? Do you have a room in your house you'd like me to "re-do" for you? I'd love to help!

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