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Hi, I'm Elizabeth and I invite you to grab a glass of sweet tea and join me as I (along with my husband, John) renovate our love nest. We're both born and raised in the south and love to share with you some of our favorite recipes, stories and our life. We hope you'll come back often!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Front Porch Overhaul

Hi everyone! I hope you've all been enjoying your summer and getting the kids back into the old routine. Well around here we really haven't been too productive (hense the lack of posts) but over the past few weeks we've been getting our DIY mojo back and I've got lots of plans to show you!

Back when we bought our house, we fell in love with the cute exterior. Who doesn't love a yellow house? It's the most popular color and sells the quickest according to realtors, and I guess we fell hook-line-and-sinker. We however, weren't so in love with the blue. It was ok, but it wasn't us. It was in good enough shape to stick around until we got around to doing something about it and getting a game plan together. Here's what she used to look like.

And here's the game plan:
  • Repaint the front door red. I love red doors.
  • Repaint the shutters black for some nice (and classic) interest
  • Replace all the fixtures, doorbell and light with satin nickel or ORB (oil rubbed bronze) jury is still out.
  • Touch up any places with paint that need it.

It's time to get the paintbrushes out and the sleeves (in this weather?) pulled up!

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