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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Kitchen Diva Mom and Ranger Dad's Bathroom Remodel: Part 2

A couple of weeks ago I shared with you the demolition of the Purser master coffin I mean, bathroom. You can check that out here. Since that post, things have seriously taken on a new vibe. The construction vibe that is. If you've ever done a remodel in your home you know that most of the time that particular room (as well as others) claim the tools, gadgets, supplies etc. This project is no exception. See?

Vanity: check
Bathroom door: check
Tile: check
Grout: check
Level: check
Dustpan: check
Broom: check
Putty Knife: check
Bucket full of other tools: check
Toilet brush (even though there's no toilet at this point): check
Wet Vac: check

I'm sure there's more. It's just in the unlabeled boxes or tucked out of sight.

But at least the tile is here and ready to go. Here is a peek at the accent tile to go around the shower.
It will be gorgeous accented against the travertine tile of the floor and shower. Especially after it's sealed. I literally squealed when I saw what they had picked out. To. Die. For. It's the jewelry of the bathroom.

So last time I left you, I talked about all that hideous tile and cement that incased this already too small space. Since then,  Ranger Dad and Joey (the tile guy) have insulated the entire bathroom. Can I get a halaluiah?!? No more cold winter morning showers! They've also begun putting up all the cement backerboard on the walls (that's the purple stuff you see). You can see a peek of the bottom of the shower if you look closely in this picture.
This is where the vanity used to be (and will go back after the tile is in). Thank God they got rid of those ugly sconces though. They were rough lookin' and about 30 years overdue for a facelift.
Joey did an amazing job of laying the floor tile. They those 18x18 travertine tiles. Aren't they B-E-A-U-tiful? (name that movie!) I could die. Joey chose to lay them on the diagonal to open up the room a little more. A small thing like that can really change the look of how large (or small) a room can seem.
See? Looks bigger huh?
And if you remember, oh heck, I'll just show you. See how using a little muscle and tearing out the header above the shower and opening up the door way really makes all the difference. Makes the room look larger, taller and the shower not seem like a coffin. Simple fix.

(sorry for the absolutely horrible pic. again a cell photo)


Since Mom and Ranger Dad didn't have the space to make the bathroom larger (boo) they are using what knowledge, know-how, and resources they have to give this space a much more updated look. Without busting the bank. Just so you'll know what's coming up.

For the shower:

  • Travertine tile surround with glass accents

  • updated Moen fixtures in brushed nickel

  • shower light (so you can actually see what you're washing!)
For the Floor:

  • New Travertine tiles (as you can see)

  • New white toilet (hasn't been picked out yet)

For the Walls:

  • White Beadboard Wainscotting 44" high (about shoulder height)

  • New wall color from the beadboard to the ceiling (still to be picked out, I think they should go with the bedroom color to bring the whole master bed/bath together.. What do you think?)

  • New matching brushed nickel sconces

For the Vanity:

  • They are recycling the current vanity and reusing it for the space. Which is fine because it is still in perfect shape.

  • New granite countertop with sunken sink

  • New Moen fixtures to match the shower in brushed nickel
I can't wait until it's fnished and I can share the results with you! For now, Ranger Dad is still working on the wainscotting.

1 comment:

  1. I'm so happy for your folks! We can't wait to see the new space; totally loving the tiles! :)

    Love to you and John... and the fuzzies!


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