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Friday, May 21, 2010

Wonder Woman I am not.

I tend to have this horrible habit of leading my readers (and myself) on. See, I promised you all earlier this week that I would post pictures and show my progress of the living room while I was working on it. I did do a little post on Tuesday (see? I tried) and then well, things happened. Work, projects that took too long, playing single parent to two fuzzy kiddos, and well, things just didn't go quite as expected.
I stupidly thought that while J. was gone I could be super woman. I could clean the entire house top to bottom. Have everything spotless AND get the living room re-decorated. Let me be the first to admit I was wrong-o. While the living room is 90% complete (yay! and I can't WAIT to show you) my kitchen is a wreck, there are muddy puppy prints all over the kitchen from that awesome storm we had earlier this week, there are 2 loads of laundry waiting patiently to go in the wash. And... amazingly while working on the living room it looks like our tools and hardware bin exploded all over the living room and kitchen.
So much for being wonder woman. I need to come to realize (quickly please!) that I can't do it all and work full-time. As much as I want to be June Cleaver. 
Yes, the living room is coming together, and it REALLY does look a bazillion times better. Hopefully this weekend I can get everything finished, put away and photographed to show off this wonderful space. As it deserves to be in the lime light.

Do you ever over-extend yourself? Think you can do it all? Please tell me I'm not the only one out there with this illness.


  1. June who? I am over-extended as I sit here reading blogs and playing on the computer. I'm calling it ME time! We look forward to seeing your redos but the first thing you need to put on your to do list is "Give yourself a break!" ;-D

  2. Hey, I'm back and I love your blog and am passing on to you the Happy 101 award. It's a good thing. Pop by my place to pick it up ...



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