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Thursday, May 13, 2010

We Got Floored: Reveal!

I know, I know, I've strung you all along long enough haven't I? We started on this project on April 24th and I am now, FINALLY prepared to show you how awesome they are. I'm sorry for my need for my house to be perfectly clean to show you anything procrastination, but alas, here they are.

Living room Before:


Kitchen Before:

Kitchen After:

Bedroom Before: (sorry, it was the only picture I had with a clear picture of the floors. This was taken last summer while we were painting the trim. You get the idea.)

Bedroom After:

You like my little helper? She follows me everywhere.


  1. What a gorgeous transformation!! I definately love your hard wood floors a whole bunch better!! We have carpet throughout all the rooms in our home, except for in the kitchen and bathroom's and we have been thinking about having hard wood flooring installed in our home someday.. Hard wood flooring sure makes for some really awesome looking rooms, that's for sure!


  2. They look fabulous! Kudos to the whole fam, including Kitchen Diva and Ranger :) I know it was a long process, but totally worth it!

  3. Amanda Raby5/19/2010

    Absolutely love it! Wish I was this handy! :)

  4. Simply gorgeous ... love your hard wood floors. We went to ceramic tile last year (which we are hoping will keep the house cooler throughout the long hot Phoenix summer). Makes everything feel brand new, doesn't it?


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