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Thursday, March 25, 2010

spreading the challenge love

A couple weeks ago, one of my favorite friends in the world (Hey Amanda!!) sent me some pictures of her fabulous drab to fab project. Don't we all looooove before and afters? Yeah we do! But we love them even mooooore when they're done for $5 or less! Amanda never ceases to amaze me at her creative ability.

She and her hubs just bought a fabulous new townhome and needed a little place to store keys, scarves and the occasional honey-do lists love note.

And here, is her project:
Taking this:

And turing it into this:

Fabulous right? So here's how she did it:
chalkboard/corkblard/key storage - free
Gel stain and sandpaper - free
chalk - $1
new knobs - $1

Sanded and ready for stain
First coat of stain

second coat of stain, boy it really makes all the difference!

And Voila!

 With a little elbow grease, the help of some sandpaper, and the magic of some new stain, we have a fabulous new message center privy of being in any new home.. or new-to-you home :) Since Amanda hadn't moved yet when she sent me this picture, these pictures were taken right after the makeover. Once she gets settled, I'll get updated pictures of it in its new space and we can oooh and ahhh all over again. Capishe? Awesome.
Great job Mander, and I can't w.a.i.t. to see the new diggs. I'm sure it's just gorgeous.  

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