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Friday, March 26, 2010

So Lumber Liquidators was having a sale....

We typically aren't impulsive people. Wait. Let me back up. We aren't implusive buyers. We are very impulsive about home projects. There's a difference. The only problem is, today, the two collided.

John and I had planned on going to look at some laminate flooring today since he was off work. So we met there. Problem #1 we had two cars available. Should have seen that coming. Then we walked through the doors and the floors began speaking to me. Calling my name. Problem #2. Then the drooling began. 20 minutes, yes 20 minutes later we were the proud owners of our very own (and beautiful!) flooring. All 35 boxes of it (and 3 rolls of underlayment and 200 sqft of quarter-round for our entire downstairs). And Driving away.

The poor Camry. Didn't even see it coming.

John's Car

We use our cars. Every inch of them. We need something bigger I think..

So what did you spend your Friday evening doing?


  1. Going to a store to "look" at flooring that is on sale...hmm. :-) Are you putting it in your living room? It's going to look great! Just an FYI, not sure if you want John's license plate number in the photo...

  2. Thanks April! We bought enough to cover all of downstairs.. about 700 sqft. Unfortunately, we don't have any free weekends for a few weeks so it's going to have to hang out until we can get to it. But it gives me motivation with it sitting all over the house :) Thanks for pointing out the photo, it's been fixed.


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