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Friday, March 12, 2010

Patience is a Virtue

Patience may be a virtue. But not for me. If you know me, you already know this. I am very type A about many things. My home improvement projects are no exception. Once I plan a project I'm ready for it. Like RIGHT NOW ready for it. Let's skip work, go to Lowes and get started letsgetitdonenow type of attitude. This does NOT work for reality. Damn.

So, yes, We had planned on getting our deck stained, painted and completed this weekend. But alas, mother nature has different plans. Rain. All rain for the next 3 days. Definately not the time to try an outdoor project.
So here we go, plan B.
Yes, I have a plan B.
I always have a plan B.
There is always something planned for the house. Inside or out. John would prefer to enjoy a day of rest. Sleeping. Watching TV from shows we've DVR'd. But I don't let that happen. Or, ahem, let me clarify. I'll start on a project while he's trying to relax, and once he hears me moving things around, pulling out the power tools and such he's up. Investigating.  Whether it's a fear that I'm going to kill or hurt myself, screw up the house or break something who knows. ;) He can't relax knowing I'm up to something. Yes, he did marry me knowing this.

So yes, tomorrow. Rain or shine. We will be working on the house. I'll fill you in later on what we tackle. :)

Have a great weekend everyone!

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