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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Over Acheiver

Remember the other day when I said we actually did more than just the deck cleaning? Well, we did. After we played all weekend in the gorgeous weather. But I promise we'll get to the deck this weekend. Really. Dont' believe me? Fine. Cross-my-heart-hope-to-die-stick-a-needle-in-my-eye promise to get it done.

Anyways. Last Sunday night, around 7:30 I decided to get busy on another project. I was hoping to get it done and finished BEFORE Desperate Housewives came on (love that show!). I ran a few minutes late, but that's ok becuase then I could fast-forward through the commercials. John taught me that. Love that boy. :)

Our "drop zone" is the kitchen. We have 2 designated drawers in our kitchen island (which you can see here) as "his" and "hers" mail drops. This catches mail, junk mail, bills, stamps, cards, tape, pens, reciepts, dog treats, cat treats, loose change and sometimes sharp objects that scare us from time to time. Do you have a place like that in your house? Don't be confused, this is not our junk drawer. That's in another place in the (of course) kitchen.

After paying bills and such from these drawers we take the piles of stuff and file everything upstairs. This system has NOT been working for us in the past. What was my clue? When I walked into our office and this is what the desk looks like.
All our files. Not filed. Just plopped.
Sure, we already had a file cabinet, but it didn't spark our interest to open the drawer to actually put things away. See? Doesn't really make you want to file does it? Nope. Not a smidge.

 So I went to Office Max with John and (yes, with his approval) I bought these:
Actually, I bought 2 packs of these folders and 1 pack of the matching hanging file folders. Here's my logic:
If I could make a very organized, energetic, easy-to-use place to file all these filings, then MAYBE there'd be a chance that we would USE it. Now that we own a house and are married, there's no reason for us to not be adults and keep things neat. We are BOTH guilty. Everyone hates putting things away. I HATE putting away clean dishes from the dishwasher. I HATE putting away clean and folded clothes. I have no problem loading the washing machine or the dishwasher, but when it comes time to finish the job. It sits. Until something else that's dirty needs to go in. Soooo. Here we are. We're both guilty.

we did have some help cleaning out:
Hehe. Cute Lil' Pickle

And here it is after 2 trashbags of trash and shredded documents, new prettier file folders, labeled and organized:
See? Prettier.

See? isn't that better? Now, I will make more of an effor to use the system and keep things as neat and tidy as possible. :) Now, onto the rest of this space...

And because we all love a before and after:

P.S. I love my Label Maker. It's a Dymo I bought from Walmart in college.  I use it for everything. You should consider getting one. Really.


  1. Love the cat sitting in the drawer! My crazy cat Ralph that I used to have got into everything. Our cats now aren't quite as bad. Ralph would even jump into the freezer and fridge!! I would shut him in the fridge for a minute and open it back up and he still wouldn't get out! lol

  2. Lil' Pickle thinks that anything we bring home or pull out is hers to play with. She absolutely LOVED the un-cracked pecans I got for Christmas baking. She would pull them out of the bowl and bat them all over the house. We found pecans for MONTHS after that in little hiding places all over the house. :)


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