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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Bathroom Files: How to Remove a Bathroom Vanity

As you are aware from our last post. We have decided to start a remodel of our upstairs bathroom. You can read THIS post to read all about why.

Today I want to teach y'all how to remove or replace an old vanity. It is easier than you think, and even disconnecting the water supply lines is nothing to be scared of. So let's get started.

Here is the {tiny} bathroom. More importantly, here is our vanity.

First, you'll need to grab a razor blade, box cutter or the like. You'll need this to cut the seal of silicone around the vanity top. Like this.

Once you cut the seal away from the wall, you can begin disconnecting your pipes.

See those two knobs below? The one on the right is your cold water supply and the one on the left is your hot water supply. Turn the knobs until the water is COMPLETELY off at the spigot. Consider this your warning. If you do not, you'll have a large flood after the next step.

After turning off your water (did your turn it off yet?.. ) you can begin separating the water supply lines from the source. We used a pair of vice grips for this step. You'll need to do it on both sides.

Sorry for the horrible pictures. We were using a flashlight to help get some light under there for John to see what he was doing. Flashlinghts and camera's don't mix very well. At least mine don't.
See? Pipes all disconnected.

Now we can dis-assemble.
Popping the top off. Literally, it's that easy.
Up it comes...
Out it goes.
Goodbye ugly vanity top (Well. Not really goodbye. It's still on our front porch. Because that's as far as John got with it. No, I'm not proud. No judging.)
Anyways. Now back to the project.
We are now left with the base.
In most vanities there is a big ole' hole in the back for all the plumbing to come through. Not in our case.

The stupid contractor who built our house roughed in all the plumbing and then added the vanity. Sounds good, looks good. Until you try and remove said vanity.
We had to cut ours out. Awesome.
After another trip to Lowes (only trip #2 for the day thankyouverymuch) for a jigsaw (because John secretly wanted a new toy and this was as good as an excuse he could have ever come up with) and $30 later we could cut out the dang thing.
The good old vanity didn't stand a chance to the Skil saw or the vice grips (which were really just for fun to see how many pieces John could get the vanity into).

And Voila. A vanity removed.

Have you ever removed a vanity? Had any plumbing woes? I'd love to hear!

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  1. Can't wait to see what you replace it with ... aren't you excited???


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