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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Two Sides to Every Door

Now that we have most of the downstairs complete, we're finally headed to the 2nd level of the Early Nest. I've never posted about the 2nd level of our home. Mostly because I'm sceeered. See, it's ugly. 80's ugly. I'm not at all exaggerating nor am I at all proud of it. At least, not yet.

I figured if I'm really going to give this blog-y thing a go, I'm going to have to air my dirty undies sometime. Well, ladies and gents, NOW is the time. I'm going to let loose and show you our ugly paint, horrible trim, even more awful carpet and wallpaper. Please, no judging.

Our next project is the upstairs bathroom. We came to this conclusion through a little conversation that went a little like this:

John: So, Honey. When do you want to work on our master bath?

Me: Hmm. I dunno. Maybe sometime this fall.  But remember when we do it we're going to have to use the upstairs bath for a while.

John: Yeah. Then we need to replace that toilet, since it leaks when you flush it.

Me: Oh yeah. Hmmm. What's the point of replacing a toilet on a floor that needs to come up anyway? Why not go ahead and get the upstairs bathroom done so when we need to use it, at least it's pretty?

John: Sounds like a good idea to me.

Me: OK, let's talk about this.

So here we are. About to face (yet) another renovation. The good news is, it's going to look amazing. The bad news is, it's going to take some elbow grease to get there.

Now, I'm finally to the point in the story to tell you about the door situation. Ajoining the bathroom is the 3rd bedroom. We use it now as the office/ Pickle's time-out room for when she's in trouble (which is more often than you'd think). This bedroom doesn't have a single wall that's a normal wall. Hmm, that sentence didn't tell you much did it? Let's try this,
This is our office:
(this is on move in day. We haven't updated any pictures since then) Anyways, this is walking in the room. Closet in front of you, window, wall. All with strange angles.
This is if you turn towards you left. Now you see the door I am speaking of. Placed along the 1 solid wall in the whole room.

This is looking back towards the hallway.
Ok, so now you know what we're working with. Again, no judging.

So I put on my thinkin' cap the other day and I thought, shoot, let's just take that door out! The bathroom has another door into the hallway (not 3 feet away) and the office really needs a full wall for a bed or shelves one day (when it's a playroom/ guestroom). PLUS the bathroom has no wall space for a towel bar. This will be the perfect solution for BOTH ROOMS! After talking with John about this, we both decided that was the first step to our renovation.

Again, here's what the room looks like with the door:

Oh look, John did manage to get updated pictures of all our crap stuff.

And here it is (thanks to hubby's awesome photoshop skills) without:

Plenty more space. Well, not plenty, but definately more.

Don't worry, as we go through this process (it's our first bathroom reno...eeek!) we'll keep you updated the whole way.

So what do you think? Should we give it a go? Should we be sceered? Any advice on bathroom reno's? We'd love to hear all!

PS. Spell check does NOT like the words: Blog-y, Reno, Sceeered, Eeek or Undies. Go Figure.

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  1. I have never done a bathroom reno, but if you two are handy, I am sure you can get it done. I can't wait to see it all finished. Hugs, Marty

  2. We need to do some bathroom redo's in our house, but not until we finish our Kitchen job first. :) I'm sure you'll have fun doing it though!

  3. Do it! Close up that wall, girlie! That bathroom is too small for both doors and your changes will make better use of your space.

  4. Do it! I think getting rid of that door is a great idea!

  5. What vision you have, my dear! Can't wait to see it done! At least you have Ranger Dad to coach you! Having just come through bathroom reno himself, he should be able to give you some pointers! You'll have to come give me some advice on getting my home out of its "stuck in the 70's" state! I need some advice on what color to paint shutters and exterior doors... maybe I should post photos on a blog and get comments! haha

  6. Hey Aunt Sue!
    Yes, Ranger Dad has been a wonderful guide for us through this project (already!). I can't wait for you to start on your house! You will feel so rewarded for helping it (besides, you need to start thinking re-sale value for when you sell). I would start by posting pictures on FB since you already have an account and friends who visit your page frequently. I've been blogging for a while now and I've only just started getting comments in the last few months. Blogs take a lot of work to upkeep and get feedback on. That's just my two-cents. I hope you find it useful. Let me know what you decide.

    To everyone else who posted, thanks for the encouragment and advice! I can't wait to show you our progress!

  7. The master bathroom redo we did was paint, new tile and and custom glass for the shower stall. We didn't do any fixture updates. Taking out that door seems like a really good idea. It will be so nice when you're finished!


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