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Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Pickle Anyone?

A Trouble-Maker

A few days ago I introduced our oldest child Maggie May. You can see how she fulfills our household here. But Maggie isn't the only fuzzy-wuzzy to keep our feet warm at night. Oh, no. Maggie has a younger sister. A younger, but feline sister named Pickles.
Yes, I know. A ridiculous name. Which is why she is mostly referred to as Lil' Pickle. Our gerkin. The "Gray One". Sometimes sweet. Always spicy.

Lil' Pickle chose us as her family on April 5, 2008. She was only 5 1/2 weeks old and caaaute! Her fur stood up on end all the time like she had just stuck her paw in a light socket. An adorable, fit-in-your-pocket, little fuzz-ball. At first she liked to be held, liked to be carried around and enjoyed your company. Now, she just likes your company for you to watch her get in trouble. A devil child I tell you. :)

This was their first meeting. John was terrified Maggie was going to eat her for the first 2 months. Oh, if we only knew then what we know now.

Pickle LOVES her sister. Follows her everywhere. If you noticed in the previous blog that Maggie follows ME everywhere, well, same is true for Pickles and Maggie. So if I need to go to the bathroom, I get an audience. Really. Heaven forbid John and I happen to be in the bathroom at the same time (it's ok, we're married). The ENTIRE family is in this one little space. Anyways, Maggie is Pickles' preferred toy. She will wait behind doors, table legs, furniture etc. for Maggie to walk by and acost her. Scares the mess out of Maggie, poor dear. Pickle thinks this is the best thing EVER and will attach herself to Maggie's fluffy tail and treat it like a separate animal for her enjoyment. Maggie really is a great sport. If it were me, I'd be doing circles to get that fuzzy critter off my behind!

Lil' Pickle prefers to play with John of the two of us. She sees him as a big toy to chew on, scratch, bat at, or provoke. Pickle, will NOT play with me. I've tried. I will pull out her *favorite* toys and she will just look at me blankly. I can just see her saying "mom, please.". Seriously.
She will only come to me if she wants a cuddle. If I am lying on the couch or in bed... and there's nothing better to do, I might get a little visit. She will nestle on my chest and purr. Drives John crazy. He wants for her to love on him so badly. He gets so jealous. This is about as close as its come:

If our human children tend to be ANYTHING like this one, John and I are (and I mean it) SKA-REWED! Lord help us.  
See what I mean?
eats all her food at one time

Believes she can fit IN anything.

Yes, that's our christmas tree stand.

But she is our sweetie. And we love her.

Our Lil' Pickle

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