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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Guest Bedroom transformation

Hi everyone! I'm so sorry about my absence. Things have been nuts around here lately. I've told you for forever that I would post pictures of our guest bedroom, and I figured it was high time! So instead of me rambling about each picture, I'm going to let them do the talking (which I'm sure you appreciate!).

Starting from the very beginning... Here we go.

Realtor picture of the room from when we bought the house. What an ugly 1/2 working ceiling fan. It's still there too. Baby steps with this house for sure...

Mid-painting. We took the doors off to make it easier, and they still aren't back on. Whoops. Oh, and who am I kidding. I can't stop talking.  You all know that by now right? I've listed the paint colors towards the bottom of the post for those interrested.

Self explanatory mid-work mess.

But the mess is worth it. Now, I have my calm space.
walking through the door. The paint is a perfect mix of white, purple and gray. It reacts differently to light as you can see as you scroll down the page.

The dresser above was a gift from an old friend, Hey Donna! I love putting family pictures here.

The headboard is made from an old door painted and distressed. Love.

The roman shades were purchased from JC Penny's. I finally got it right after 3 failed attempts at the wrong size. But they're the perfect creamy color and pop against the new white trim.

My favorite tree blooming. I sit in this window and stare a lot. The perfect perch to watch evening storms too.

See? Told you the closet doors still aren't on.

The room is painted with Valspar's Lavender Moon in an eggshell finish and High Gloss White for the trim. And for those of you on the lookout for our children, there's Pepper, getting in on some camera action.

Of course I still have a few things I want to update.
New bedside lamps. I'm getting over the parisian theme.
I'm contemplating painting the dresser a fun bold color to stand out or maybe I'll keep it safe with a soft cream. Thoughts?
The ceiling fan has GOT to GO. Soon.
And of course we need to get the doors painted and put back on. Hopefully we'll have that project crossed off our list before we have guests drop in :)

So there you have it, for now. I can't help but update and tweak things as I find them. But I'll certainly let you know when that happens. I hope I haven't talked too much. I know, it's a problem.


  1. I love that headboard! Just gorgeous!!!! Looks like you have done quite a bit to that room. :)

  2. I love seeing your transformations! :) That headboard is GENIUS! I am in desperate need of a headboard for my spare room. Humm... idea? Maybe! I love your blooming tree too. Dogwood? I also enjoy your paint color and your cat! Thanks for the inspiration! ;)

  3. Good to see you are getting my room all prettyfied!

  4. Beautifully inviting guest room. I love the large flower motif on the pillows. It might be fun to paint a similar flower on each knob of the dresser. Love that head board, too ... genius!


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