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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

1 Down

We spent this past weekend re-living our wedding as it was our first anniversary together. I must say, we milked it for all it was worth (because we'll never have another 1st anniversary again). In true anniversary fashion, we decided to keep with the traditional gifts each year.. and this year was paper.

I didn't have much of a problem coming up with a gift for John, what with my creative-ness and "out of the box" thinking. But my poor engineer husband, who needs to have order, structure and straight-forward-ness had a harder time. So what did we end up doing and receiving?

I gave John a picture book of our wedding and pictures. I had it made through Picaboo, as I got a steal of a deal for it, a free hard-back book up to 20 pages (I got the deal sent to me through my email.. otherwise known as spam. But who can resist that kind of spam?). So each evening I sat on our couch while we watched TV and edited, copy & pasted, and clicked my evening away for about 2 weeks. John just thought I was playing on facebook the whole time ;) I added several extra pages to fit everything I wanted to. Lucky for me he LOVED it. Now we can tote around our picture book to family reunions, get-togethers and such instead of lugging our wedding albums with us. It will make a wonderful coffee table book, and conversation piece for the rest of our lives. Sentimental, thoughtful, and paper = success!

John did manage to give me a gift that I will hold dear to me the rest of my life. He surprised me with a basket. Not just your run-of-the-mill basket, but a basket filled with paper (a subtle nod to our requirement). After looking closer, he had printed out the menu to where we were to have dinner that night, as he had prepared reservations for us at The Angus Barn. It was rolled up and wrapped with ribbon. He had also printed (and cut out and backed with coordinating card stock) the movie listings for our local theater. Who knew my John could be so creative?!? (my card making must be rubbing off on him.. hehe). Along with the other paper items in there, were hand written love letters and poems (also cut out and backed with card stock) So sweet!

We spent the day around the house and doing some piddly things. Dinner was wonderful and so special. Because it was our anniversary, they gave us a celebratory 8 inch pound cake to take home. So yummy! We had some time to kill before the movie, so we went shopping a little and walked outside enjoying the cool fall weather. We chose to see a scary movie, because last year after our wedding (we had a honeymoon at home), we chose to see a creepy film, so we decided to keep the tradition.

Sunday night we went to dinner at my parents house and celebrated with family and friends. Mom had the top of our wedding cake waiting for us for dessert as she had frozen it for us. I'll admit, we were both really sceptical about how good our cake would be a year later. We had visions of freezer burnt icing and dry cake crumbles, but to our relief it was AWESOME! We all agreed it was better than on our wedding day!
So there you have it. Our first anniversary. Sentimental, traditional, and perfectly us. I plan on keeping the sweet poems and letters John wrote and framing them for a wall in our house. Do you have any anniversary stories or fun things you do each year? I can't wait to hear!

Hmm.. now what to do about year 2. Cotton. Ideas?

**as a side note, today, John and I *finally* booked our honeymoon. We'll be living it up in the Mexican Riviera early next year!**


  1. Happy 1st Anniversary ... sounds like it was a great time! And didn't he come through with his creative paper basket? Although I'm not a fan of horror movies, I love that it's your tradition. Cheers to a wonderful year of marriage to your sweetie pie!!!

  2. First of all... Happy Anniversary! How wonderful! :) I wanted to stick with the traditional gifts too... but ended up getting my husband an iPod for our first anniversary. He was in medical school at the time, and I knew it would be the perfect gift for him... so I splurged! His gift to me was a sweet one, but my girlfriends though it odd. He gave me a queen size air mattress and a sleeping bag set that fit it. His thought was that when we went camping, we could snuggle up together and I would be comfortable. I thought it was sweet and thoughtful. We have used the gift many times, just not camping, yet. We always get a chuckle about our gifts that first year to each other. That's funny you enjoyed your cake more a year later, we did too! I totally expected it to be awful, but we ate the entire thing and then wished we had more! Our 5th anniversary is coming up next year, hopefully we will do something grand to celebrate!
    I love how creative your husband was! That is awesome. The poetry and love letters are something you will treasure forever. We wrote letters to each other and exchanged them the night before our wedding. We make it a tradition to pull them out on our anniversary and read them! I just love that! Another treasure of mine is the list of all the things we loved about our spouse we made for each other and exchanged one Valentine's Day! Talk about a great pick me up!
    I look forward to hearing what creative thing you two come up with next year! Here's to an awesome year ahead! ;)


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