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Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Oh the wonderful world of Etsy. Spelled just like it sounds. I found out about Etsy as I was searching online over a year ago. If you aren't a big internet surfer or blogger most people don't know about Etsy. After recieving several questionable looks from friends and family as I casually mentioned Etsy in my conversations I decided I needed to do a post on the wonderful website.

Etsy is a website designated to the small business owner. Most companies are here in the U.S. and either work out of their homes or small studio. You can search locally, nationally or by category. Most of my searches are under "homewares", but you can do a search for organic food, pets, woodworking,  pottery, jewelry, baby, etc. There are thousands of business owners who are doing FABULOUS work that just needs to be discovered.

I tend to prefer to shop locally and to help small business rather than in large big-box stores. Etsy allows you to do just that.
Here are a few things that I'm loving right now.

I am in love with these baby girl headbands that turn these beauties into something out of a Ann Geddes picture. How adorable is that flower? Best thing is, you can change out the flower for a bow! How often do you see mom's trying to keep a bow in their daughters hair just to have it slip off 10 seconds later? What a fabulous solution.
I saw these pillows and nearly squealed. Love.

Or these? With a chosen number put on them? They'd make a great wedding gift for the couple with the wedding date on the platter. Or for any anniversary. You can make any date special with these!

What about a gift for that hubby of yours? Ever having a hard time find something unique for him? Something interresting? Something fun?

Now that you've found Etsy. Enjoy. The possibilites are endless.

** I was in no way paid by etsy for this post. I simply enjoy supporting small businesses and awesome websites.**

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