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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Oh Christmas Wreath!

Remember back in this post. When I skipped my Take Me Thursday because I was too busy on another project. Well, this is the project I've been dying to share with you!
When I spotted this wreath on Eddie Ross' blog I KNEW I HAD to have it. Likegottahaveitnow- had.to.have.it.
So, I put on my big-girl undies and got to work. Since Eddie was nice enough to teach us all how to put this wreath together I knew the guess work wouldn't be too bad. Let me clarify something in his instructions. Do what the man said. Don't skip corners. I did. And it showed. I decided NOT to glue all the heads onto my ornaments and after stringing about 30 or so balls (hehe) they were popping out everywhere like Tiger Woods girlfriends! For the love of golf people, please glue your balls together. :)

So I gathered my materials:

And made a circle.

And after stringing my Christmas balls (teehehe balls) I got this:

After about 10 minutes I had a complete wreath! Just in time for Dinner. I added the bow later when I was ready to hang it. I love how whimsy it is and it adds so much color to our back door. I am in L.O.V.E. It's been hanging on our door (the one we use ALL the time) for over 3 weeks now and no problems! Victory!

Our doors are metal at our house (gack!). So I had to get creative when it came to actually hanging the wreath. Enter 3M. Saved my day. I bought a simple pack of 2 hooks that where white. But white against our blue door would stand out like Lil' Kim at the grammy's. So I colored it with a black Sharpie. You can't even tell it's there! This is how I hung it:


More Views:

I love pulling in the driveway now. It greets me every evening glowing from the porch light. Sigh.
So now...
I want to do one in silver for New Years, one in pastels for Easter, one in greens for St. Patricks day.. you see where I am going. Love I tell ya. What colors would you use?


  1. Anonymous12/19/2009

    I know a certain...ahem....friend of yours...ahem--the friend with the cutest almost two year old curly haired little girl you know-- who is less creative than you that would --ahem---LOVE---ahem--- one of these fun weaths for her backdoor--for any season--- :) LOVE IT!!

  2. Anonymous12/22/2009

    Looks great! Love the colors! Happy Holidays!



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