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Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Around the House

So I promised that I would share with you our Christmas decorations. Even though it's after the fact, our decorations are still up and we continue to enjoy them. They will stay up until after New Years, maybe Epiphany.

All my life I've always had a real christmas tree. My parents are "real" tree people. Must be because they grew up in the 60's. Or because they are nature enthusiasts, or tree-huggers, or they just like the smell. Anyways, after all these years of having real trees for Christmas- it stuck. But not just for me, all of their children are real tree people too.

Last year our tree was whimpy. It was barely 5 feet tall. Sure it smelled good, made our apartment pretty, but it wasn't a gorgeous tree. I love a BIG, TALL, Handsome tree. That takes up 1/4 of the room. So THIS year was the year. Now that we have our house. With 8 foot ceilings. Perfect for a big tree. I could just picture it. All sparkley and bright at night, with presents and a kitty. Wait. A kitty? Oh, what-the-heck, sure Pickles can enjoy the tree (again) too. She climbs, and sits in the branches. Cute. We have to put all the nice ornaments at the top so she doesn't gnaw on them. Or sit on them. Hehe.

So here is our tree this year:

I just LOVE it. John and I spent one evening together putting the tree up and decorating it. I can't imagine not having him help with it too. Christmas is such a jolly time that I can't be the only one enjoying it! It gives us a project to do together and we have fun remembering which ornaments we got from where. I love the combination of the clear and colored lights (I always thought of myself as a white-light kind of girl, but I am growing to love the combination on the Christmas tree) I love sitting in the dark with just the christmas lights on. Enjoying the splendor of the season. I don't want to take it down. E.V.E.R.

Here are a few other Christmas decorations we have around the house. Enjoy!

The Living Room:

The Foyer:

The Mantle:

The front porch:

The Back Porch:

Do you have any special area of your house you love decorating for Christmas?


  1. Pretty! I think I'll be stealing the glass balls/candy cane idea for next year!

  2. Steal away! Just beware, our cat LOVES to knock the balls on the floor and play with them. Next year I'll be using plastic ornaments!


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