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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Welcome to Take Me Thursdays

So I have been contemplating for some time on how to incorporate a little bit more of "me" into the blog. I am a North Carolina native and love my home state. So on Thursdays, I am going to show you places in NC that are some of my favorites and hopefully, bring a little inspiration to you to get out there and travel a bit. It is called Take Me Thursdays! Just in time for the weekend. I do hope you enjoy! Please comment on posts as I can use all the encouragement (or criticism) as I can get for the blog!

This week we travel to:

The Great Smokey Mountains National Park

Just in time for the holidays! Head off to the Great Smokies in Maggie Valley, NC

You will see incredible views for sure, leaves, trees, and wildlife but the most unexpected view: The Elk! Yes, Elk. They are protected by the state park and live there year round. These beautiful creatures live, breed and roam around the park. The park is full of campsites, cute creeks to play in, listen to and watch. There are lots of trails to take a nice hike or picnic tables to enjoy an afternoon picnic. If you want to be sure to see the elk, dont plan on going in the middle of the day. Go in early morning or late afternoon as they come into the meadows for meal time. They are the perfect place to take the kiddos to see "santa's reindeer" while they rest up before Christmas Eve. After you see the "reindeer" go pick out a christmas tree from one of the MANY tree farms.

I first found out about this park when I was in college at Western Carolina University. On the weekends, since we didnt have much money. My friends and I would go around the area to find cheap entertainment. This ended up being one of my favorite spots of all time. I will be headed back up there every year once I have kids to "see the reindeer" and get my kids as excited about the mountains as I am.

For more information, head to:


I hope you enjoyed this edition of Take Me Thursday. Please leave me comments so I can know what to improve, change or keep. I love reading ALL your comments!

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