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Monday, November 2, 2009


I'm Baaaaack!

I know, uber scary right? Ah, who am I kidding. I know y'all missed me while I was on hiatus.
Well, just to fill you all in since I've been away, here's what I've been up to since we last spoke:

September 15-30 attended MANY bridal showers and prepared with the fam. for our impending nuptuals.
Oct. 1-2 nearly pooped (haha, poop) my pants at the thought of marriage in 24 hours.
Oct. 3 Most perfect day of my life and married my incredible hubby.
Oct. 4-9 honeymooned
Oct. 10-29 wrote a BAZILLION thank you notes, unwrapped presents, after swimming in all the wrapping paper, found homes for all said presents in our house, started a new role as a wife, went back to work (boo) and prepared for halloween. Shew, we were busy.
So that just about wraps it up for our month of October.

Ok, so new month. NOVEMBER!
This month you need to stay tuned for MANY things coming up in house decor for Thanksgiving and Blessed Christmas (yay christmas!) as well as a few treats and surprises along the way. I will do my best to get back into Take Me Thursdays and get you all thinking about hopping on the road for a quick, or long weekend trip. :) We are ramping up for a great time this holiday season!
Stay Tuned!

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