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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Take Me Thursday ... Apple Orchard

Welcome to Take me Thursday!

In this Addition we follow Fall

I am a sucker for all things Fall. With the current weather we've been having here in Raleigh, it has brought out my forgotten love for crisp fall air, apple cider, hay rides and warm sunshine. Not to mention all the creative costumes that will begin to make their appearance and who can forget the candy breakfasts after a night full of all things creepy! Ahh, memories of childhood.

I want to take you on a trip. A trip for the love of fall. One of my absolute favorite places in North Carolina. Waynesville. Tucked away and protected by the Blue Ridge Mountains this little town has so much to offer. Just on the western side of Asheville, Waynesville has shopping, hiking trails, rivers for those who want to experience true cold mountian water and of course, apple orchards.

Seriously, who can resist these views?!?

For those of you who dont know, John and I met at Western Carolina University. John grew up in the mountains of NC, and I was a little city girl, who always had an interest for new places. This, was a new place. A wonderful, creative, rustic, beautiful place to call home for my 4 years of college. Each trip home my mom would call and say "pick up some apples from Barbers on your way so I can make pies." Now, who in their right mind would NOT pick up some apples for the promise of fresh pies from Momma? Not this Chick.

On Saturdays, especially in the fall and winter, I would go with friends to Barbers Apple Orchard in Waynesville. This place is A-MAZ-ing. When you walk through the doors, the overwhelming smell of fresh, sun drenched apples ensnaires your nose to a place only your mind can take you. So many varieties, so many choices! If you want eating apples, they got it. If you want sweet apples, they got it. If you want cooking apples, they got it. I'm telling you, TONS of apples people! Even hybrids for the perfect firm, sweet, just off the vine apples. Yumm.

Now, dont get me wrong, the dont just have apples. No. Sir-ee. Bob. They have all sorts of fruits and veggies depending on whats in season. If you havent been, you must. And it is A. MUST.

For Serious.

I love this area of our state. It brings back so many memories of college. No, I didnt spend ALL my time in college enjoying the Frat parties :) A girl has to sober up every now and again does't she? Mom, if you're reading this, oops, secret's out.

We would grab an apple or two and head to the hiking trails to see views like this:

For the shoppers at heart, you must check out downtown Waynesville. There are boutiques, pottery galleries, restaurants, clothing stores, art galleries and a general store to boot! I cant resist the general store, E.V.E.R. I have to make a special trip. And....

In the case that you aren't a poor college student, there are wonderful Bed and Breakfasts up their to lay your pretty little head after a hard day of shopping, and enjoying the NC Mountains. One of my personal favorites is the Windover Inn. Check them out here: http://www.windoverinn.com/ Just off main street in Waynesville, this B&B offers jacuzzis in each room and delicious feather beds to snuggle into at night. Paired with the crisp mountain air and complimentary gingerbread men, its the next thing to heaven.

Rocking Chair front porch for a moment of reading the newspaper with a hot cup-a-joe in the morning, watching the sun set over the mountians at night or simply, just to listen to the mountains breathe.

With everything Waynesville has to offer, you cant go wrong. Pick up your straw hat, your comfy blue jeans and your boots and GO! Take your family, your friends, or your loved one (for a couples retreat) and head up for a weekend of orchard goodness, fresh mountain air and Relax!

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