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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lost. My. Mind.

So I am getting married. In 25 days. I am supposed to be happy, right?
Yes, I am marrying the most wonderful man.
Yes, I've been planning for months.
Yes, I have all my to-do's in line and everything organized.
Yes, everything is confirmed, paid for and ready to go.
Then why am I so freakin stressed out?!?!

This past weekend all my favorite ladies came to celebrate with me and we had to best time at my bachelorette party. I loved every minute of it and it was wonderful to see all my girls.
Its true that I stressed about my house being clean, organized and ready-to-show. And I attributed all my stress to having everyone come into town and being excited about it. I thought a huge weight would be lifted off my shoulders.... N.O.T. reality. Its two days later and I think I am more stressed than before.

Now all I can think about is everything coming up from now. I hate feeling this way! How in the world do I not go crazy while my mind is going a thousand directions? I know why some girls become the Bride-zillas! I promise, I am not one of those. I have people. People to check in with me and make sure I dont become one of those hair pulling, bridesmaid yelling, demanding girls.
I think I just bottle everything up and now I am exploding from the inside.
Any advice?
I never thought I would want my wedding to be over. I always imagined living in this little fairytale before the wedding where everything is perfect. Unfortunately, this is sadly not true. I cant wait to be married. All this will be over. I just wish I didnt feel like I could explode at any moment.

The kicker was last night while John and I were getting ready for bed. He said "I think I am ready to start another project on the house". I think this was the worst thing he could say. E.V.E.R. at this very moment. I politely and calmly said "can we please, please wait just 6 more weeks before we tear the house apart again on another project? Meanwhile, In my head there were visions of strangling, yelling, punching and steam blowing out of my ears. I think it knocked me over the edge. I think the twitching of my eye gave him the hint that this was not a good idea and an even worse suggestion. One that never should have been mentioned.

Please tell me there are others out there like me! Please tell me that people are waaay worse than I feel. And please, please tell me, there is an end and I can start feeling like myself again.
Does anyone have any advice? And if you got nothing, then I guess I am doomed.

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