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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sneak Peek

Hey All!

I know you all have been wondering where I disappeared to, but have no fear. I am still around. Just a little re-cap of things for the curious:

We didnt close on our house on June 30th as planned. We had a VERY long, frustrating, anxiety driven, heartburn causing delay on our closing. It didnt happen until July 16th. Oh my the stress. It was of no fault of our own, or our lender. It was simply USDA and their backlog of loans recently (buyers market + low economy+ goverment= SLOW approvals) and they simply couldnt get to ours for a couple extra weeks. So we waited, and waited and waited. The day we closed a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders. I cried. Tears of joy and frustration ran down my face (after a happy dance of course!).

Of course, not 30 minutes later while at Lowes another heavy load was put on my shoulders. This one was the load of projects that we now assumed with the house before move-in. Oh Geez! So John and I have been working like dogs trying to get the place fixed up a little before we move on Aug. 8 after losing 2 weeks of our precious working weeks with delays from the close. Everything has been on full speed since. And hence, no time to post.
But alas, I am back.
And more importantly, here to share with you some of our newest joys and projects of our humble abode (or soon to be).

If you all can even remember, this is what the kitchen looked like when we bought the house:

Oh, the nasty wallpaper, terrible light fixtures and awful, ugly, straight from the 80's brown trim. Our entire house looked like a bowl of oatmeal .. shades of brown. The previous owner hadnt done ANYTHING to try and show off any of this home's potential. This is simply a sneak peak of some things we've been working on... once we are moved, I'll post after pics!

So far we have stripped wallpaper (post on that soon to come). Patched drywall, replaced all switches, and outlets. Replaced all appliances. Sanded, primed and painted all the wood trim white, and painted the walls a cool, soothing blue. There is still plenty to do, but at least you have the update.
I cant wait to show you the reveal of each room as we get them accomplished! And dont think this is the only room we've been working on either.. much more to come.
Stay tuned...

1 comment:

  1. Oh I'm so excited you painted that trim!!! I bet it looks amazing!


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