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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Craft Space

My craft space. My craft space is a tiny desk that my dad used in college. Its green. Not a pretty green, but an army green (you know the color, a cross between nasty lake water and a baby poop green) but it gets better.... hold on, yes, it also has brass hardware. Yes, it is THAT bad. Oh, how I want to get a sander to that think and go to town! But that is a little hard core to be doing in an apartment.. so there it sits. In the corner of my living room. Staring at me. Waiting for me. I have so much invested into my crafts that I love using them. But if you dont have the proper space to do it, it truly makes it that much more frustrating than an enjoyment.

For anyone who enjoys crafting, gift wrapping or scrapbooking you know how hard it is to find that one nook in your house to have a few hours to play. By. Yourself. I have always had this dream of being a Mom, sitting in my quiet, well organized, bright craft room meditating over colors for my kids scrapbook pages. Meanwhile the kids munch on the cookies I made for them before they got home from school. I am not a Mom (yet). But I still dream of this special room. All to myself. Can't you see it?

I really like this one:

I love the colors and how bright and fresh it is. Of course I would need more desk space, but we are getting there.

Loving this one too:
I just wish there was a picture of the rest of the room! Dont keep me guessing people! I am way too impatient for that. But I do love how organized and neat everything is.

So finally, here it is. My dream room:

Ahhh. Birds singing. The heavens part. Rainbows cover the sky. Unicorns are frolicking across fields of green. Oh my heavenly space. Pefection. I can see myself living and crafting in this room. I could even sleep on the lovely and inviting window seat. This is what dreams are made of. But for right now, I guess I will have to live with my little desk in the corner. One day.. it will be different. One day...

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