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Sunday, September 2, 2012

A little Surprise

Hi Friends!

Wow, has it really been since May that I last posted? Holy moly I'm a bad, bad blogger. But since then, John and I have been on the bandwagon. Some of it hasn't been very glamorous, or even exciting. But hard work is being done none-the-less.

When John and I bought this house, I always dreamed I'd be bringing (at least) our first kid home here. So with every project accomplished, thought about and planned, I always invisioned having our first kiddo playing a part in our decisions. John thought I was nuts. He has never wanted to stay in this house for more than a few years, so for him, thinking about bringing a kid home was a little far fetched.

Well, come June 7th. we found out we are expecting! We are thrilled, giddy, and we are falling in love all over again. No wonder people call it a babymoon. Ha. So a few short weeks after the 'holy moly!' wore off we had our first appointment. As a routine "confirmation" of the pregnancy, we had our first ultrasound done. And sure enough. I was right. I would be bringing our first kiddo home with us. But to our HUGE surprise, they're bringing a friend with them. Twins!! Holy Moly, we're having babies!


You can only imagine our complete surprise and "oh-shit" moment that occured right there in the office. I was crying my eyes out (from disbelief, excitement, and holy crap, what now?) while John (thankfully) was sitting in the chair with his chin in his lap.

Since then, our world has been pitched upside down. I can't eat (much) without seeing it again. My poor husband, who is used to coming home to a home-cooked meal each night, is now the king of frozen dinners. Most days I'm lucky to get dressed. This pregnancy has taken every. bit. of. energy. I. have. I love being pregnant, but the symptoms have been really rough to deal with.  

So after some time to let everything soak in, we've returned to Earth, and are ready to tackle some things around here to get ready for these two arriving late January/ early February.

Here's the rundown (more so I have it written down and I can refer back to it for reference) of things we have to get done.

1. finish painting the trim/ doors upstairs
2. replace the carpet upstairs
3. switch the guest room into the office to make room for the nursery
4. organize the laundry room

Those are the biggies to get done immediately so we can get down to the details. But, no worries, we'll be keeping you posted on our progress as we get things done. At least I'll try between trips to the porcelain throne.

We're in for a wild ride, friends! Stay tuned...

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