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Thursday, February 24, 2011

coconuts part II

Now, where did we leave off? oh yes. Snorkeling. You can check out all the under water pictures in the previous post. These are the 'above deck' action.
We were on a huge 30 ft. catamerand with about 20 other excursionists. The sun was shining, the wind was blowing, it was an aamzing time. Perfect paradise.


  I thought it couldn't get much better, until we came upon this beach. I'm not gonna lie. I was so excited to see the beach that I forgot to get more pictures of it. Pepe (our tour guide) had a special name for this little island (again, I was so excited I don't remember the name of it DANG!) he's said it's the most beautiful beach in the world. I'm a believer, but since this was my first time to anything south of Miami.  If it weren't for John, I would have jumped off the boat, swam to shore and stayed there forever. At least until I realized I wasn't prepared with my 3 things to take to a deserted island. *dang it*. I should have been more prepared. My parents are Boyscout leaders for cryin' out loud. *Gah*  Slaps hand on forehead. I'm only kidding. Kinda. Sorta.

 You'd want to stay too. I promise.

Anywhoo. On the next day (Wednesday, if you're keeping count) we decided to do a little "culturalizing" of ourselves. We went to Tulum, aka Mayan Ruins. To be honest, we were a little disappointed. We both love history and were really looking forward to getting some great info, and sure there were tid-bits. But overall we were looking for a little more than a 10 minute intro and our guide pretty much dissing us and told us to meet back at the bus at 12:30. Ok. Now what? 

We're stuck looking at old rocks for 2 hours with barely any shade. Staring at these guys...
I can only imagine my skin looking like this after another hour. Awesome.
So we walked. And walked.

Did I mention you can't walk or climb on the rocks either? Total bummer. Something about them being "unstable" and "crumbling". Whatevs.
So we continued our walk. It was burning up. At 10:30am. Then we found this:

Oh sweet Jesus. How do I get  down there? I had a mumbling husband behind me, something about being thirsty and hot. We kept walking... and I found it. A way down.
Holy. Moly. This definately beats the beach I couldn't reach yesterday. It was undescribably gorgeous. Definately worth the walk. And the steep steps.
Lots of steep steps.

So that was what we spent our days away from the hotel doing. Tulum wasn't so great, but the beach was. And I will say it was pretty cool swimming in the ocean looking up at mayan ruins. Probably the only time in my life I'll be able to do that.  I'll follow this post with the last of the coconut story.

And I left a video for you to view of  "the spinnaker". I'd always heard of Spinnaker's but had never seen one until this trip. It's pretty much a sling that goes under your butt and swings you through the air. A lot like parasailing, but there's nothing holding you in, and you can break your arms. Which is why we were too scared to do it. But others did... Enjoy!


  1. Oh yes, the wonderful catamaran rides! I can practically feel the cool breeze on my face along with the warm sun. We went to Isla Mujeres, which I think is the Island of Women where they used to send the females when they were going to give birth or during their "unclean" weeks. And we took a torturous bus ride to Chicken Itza to see the pyramid and the stadium where they said the captain of the losing team was beheaded after each game. Yikes! Your pictures are beautiful!!!

  2. That's supposed to say Chichen Itza, not chicken!!! I must be hungry! =D

  3. Travel brings wisdom only to the wise. It renders the ignorant more ignorant than ever.


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