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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Versitle Art You Can Use Over and Over Again

Let me start by saying a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who posted comments about the living room makeover. I am so honored to have been featured on the DIY Showoff . For all my  (newer) followers, I can't wait to meet you and thanks for stopping by!

I can't wait to share with you this easy-peasy project I did a while back. But before I get to the project (I know, I'm so mean) let me share with you the background of this story/project.

Before we bought our beloved home, we lived in an apartment in Raleigh. We loved our apartment. Lakeside views, plenty of running room for Maggie, and ample storage. But alas, it wasn't ours. I've always had this need to make my spaces mine, and knowing I couldn't do anything permanant on our walls I had to get creative.

Enter Stampin' Up.
I LOVE Stampin' Up. I've become a paper snob because of them (and my fabulous Stampin' instructor, Catherine). And I promise to tell y'all all about my love for them in another post, but for right now I'm going to focus on one great thing they have.
Vinyl Decals.

It's under their Home Decor line and I love it. So creative. So fun. And yes, it's made for your walls. But wait. I live in an apartment. I can't put that on my walls.. nor can I take it with me when I go. So I put my thinkin' cap on and figured out a way I can have my cake and eat it too.
I put it on a picture frame.

I wish I took pictures of this project, but I wasn't blogging then. Dang. So You'll just have to oooh an ahhh at my after pictures.

I chose the "E" decal and a Wreath decal to surround the E. I found an old frame that we weren't using and decided to use that. Perfect. I lined the back of the frame with some Scrapbook Paper (also from Stampin' Up!) for my "E" to stand up against and really add character to our living room. Here's a picture of it from when we lived in our apartment.

(sorry for the horrible pic. it's the only one I could find.)

Perfect-o. It's now 3 years later and I still love it. Here it is in our living room now.  But the BEST THING about this simple project is, I can remove the paper in the back and exchange it out if my decor changes or I move the frame to another room. ACK! Love the versatility of it!

* Yes, I realize there's a strip of white at the bottom. Stupid background slid down and I've been too lazy not gotten around to fixing it yet.
Do you have any projects that you love? Share share share! I can't wait to see what you all have come up with!

* I was not paid or compensated by Stampin' Up for this post. I simply love their stuff and want to share wonderful things with y'all! If you are interrested in making your own monogram or for more ideas, contact the amazing paper crafter, Catherine Pooler at http://www.catherinepooler.com/*


  1. Love that frame idea! I'm a sucker for anything monogrammed. :)

  2. so cute! I love it!!!!

  3. I have a weakness for monograms and anything paper (we owned a stationery store for a while). That is absolutely rockin'! I think I like it even better that you have it in a movable, changeable frame rather than right on the wall. Great idea. Now let me think where I might use it!

  4. I cannot tell you how excited I am to find this post! Oh joy! I can't wait to make one for myself! I love their website! Thank you so much for introducing me to it! :)

  5. Hey, friend! Thanks for talking about me! ;)
    If anyone wants a monogram for themselves, let me know....I'll hook ya up!


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