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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Spring Up!

We are all tired of Old Man Winter this year. Sure we like our cold nights snuggled up by the fireplace. Our hot mugs of coffee, tea and hot cocoa. The hot baths with salts and bubbles after a long day at work. But this year, we've had our fill. Not just the Early house, but everyone I talk to.

This year has brought us historic snowstorms, buckets of snow and ice to NC (which we still have piles of on our back deck.. yes it's been over 2 weeks since it fell.. melt already!) Kids haven't been in school in over 2 weeks in some parts of the mid-Atlantic, and jobs have been delayed due to sloppy, trecherous, dangerous road conditions. But there's a bright side!

Yesterday while I was walking around the yard I saw THIS:

Could it be? Is Spring really just around the corner? So I looked some more and found THESE:

I slowly, and calmly walked in the house and grabbed my camera. Surely my eyes were decieving me (again). But sure enough. I got back and they were STILL there! I planted these bulbs back in November thanks to April, a friend of mine from work who graciously gave us these bulbs as a wedding gift. And low and behold, it's a gift that keeps on giving! Hopefully for MANY more years.

But YES, Spring IS coming. Slowly, but surely. I'm looking forward to thawing out, flowers in my yard, green grass, longer days, the smell of warm rain, cool breezes, opening windows and airing out the house, and of course, listening and watching all the little birdies in our yard.

Here's to being Twitterpated with Spring!
Double points to you if you know what Twitterpated is. Can you guess? Do you know? What are YOU looking forward to?

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